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Managing Change To Ensure Cloud Success

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Years' Change Management Experience

No one implements a system for the sake of implementing a system. If you are making the decision to transition to Oracle Cloud, there will be underpinning business challenges you are trying to manage.

It is likely that you will significantly remodel your organisation in order to achieve your business goals, this will require the ability to visualise your organisation’s potential and take your people on that journey with you.

Inoapps has used its extensive experience of supporting customers in their Cloud journey to design a blueprint for change, which focuses on ensuring your transition is successful and achieves your business objectives.

Our model is embedded within our implementation approach so if you have selected Inoapps as your implementation partner you will automatically benefit from our change blueprint.  The framework is also transferable and so if you have already commenced your journey to the Cloud with another partner and are suddenly realising that a key ingredient is missing – change management – then Inoapps can help guide you to success.

Key Challenges

Key Challenges to Achieving Successful Change:

  • A lack of imagination or ability to visualise the new world
  • Communicating the changes in both and informative and engaging way
  • Understanding how the changes will impact different areas of the organisation
  • Upskilling people so that they maximise their use of new ways of working

Our Approach

How the Inoapps Change Blueprint Manages this:

  • Establishes a clear understanding of the vision and key messages associated with the initiative and ensures this is embedded throughout all engagement activities.
  • Finds innovative ways of engaging with stakeholders and structuring messages between sell and tell initiatives.
  • Providing change experts who are also industry specialists understanding key trends and opportunities for growth.
  • Creating learning opportunities throughout the programme including structured training and self-learning opportunities.


Key Thought Processes:

  • Generate: Create opportunities to share knowledge and experience, enabling the identification of challenges and opportunities which merit exploring.
  • Conceptualise: Deep analysis of the problems and opportunities by thinking creatively, generating understanding, and defining challenges and opportunities.
  • Optimise: Gain knowledge through collaborative partnerships with clients where ideas can be evaluated for practical solutions to be generated which meet business objectives.
  • Implement: Employ solutions, tracking progress, and reviewing acceptance by evaluating outcomes.

Our team of Change Management experts works collaboratively with you to ensure you successfully transform the way you work to meet your business objectives.

Listen to what our customer Scottish Legal Aid Board has to say about us.

Some Of Our Customers

"We looked at Oracle certified partners and Inoapps struck us as the best fit for SLAB. We were very impressed particularly with their change management processes and project management methodologies."

John Mcleod, Head of Information Systems, Scottish Legal Aid Board