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Not sure which course is right for you, or if training at all is relevant to your organisation? Please see our FAQs below to help you make a decision.

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Why should I attend a training course?

A competent, knowledgeable employee is an asset to any company and can deliver value. Untrained people cannot do this.

You may choose to adopt an informal approach to training, where employees learn the subject as they go along, i.e. ‘on the job’. It can be a great learning experience, however, it can take a long time that could have been better spent on other areas.

As an employer, can you really afford this hit-and-miss approach? Think of the salary bill you will be paying while waiting for someone to get up to speed!

Formal training shortens this cycle and also provides a valuable and informative view of how others have approached the same issue. Training, however, is not a one off exercise, it needs to be supplemented with hands-on experience and refresher or advanced training at a later time.

Which delivery method/course is best for me and/or my organisation?

Below are some examples of situations that may be similar to yours, and suggested delivery methods and course offering for those situations.

“We are about to start a new project using a new Oracle technology that we have no experience of within the company. We have a team of developers that we need to get up to speed quickly. What is the most economical way of delivering this?”
For this situation, Inoapps would suggest our Onsite Training,

“We want to do some training for our team, but don’t have any meeting rooms or training facilities.”
In this case, Inoapps would suggest using our dedicated training centres, or other offsite locations across the UK, for details.

“I have a new member of staff, and need to train them in core Oracle skills.”
The Oracle University provides delegates with public-scheduled certified training in a range of Oracle skills.

“As part of our staff development program, we wish to invest in industry recognised certification programs for our staff.”
Oracle University Certified training provides multiple certification paths to allow your staff to grow and develop their personal skills and gain industry recognition through the Oracle Certified Professional Program. As an Oracle Certified training reseller, Inoapps can help you to develop certification programs for your staff in line with your personal development plans.

“I have a new member of staff that I need to train in a broad range of Oracle skills, in a short space of time.”
This situation would benefit best from one of Inoapps Bootcamp courses.

“We are starting an Oracle Business Intelligence project, but don’t know where to get good quality training on the OBIEE tools.”
Inoapps has teamed up with one of the leading Business Intelligence (BI) consultancies to offer specially developed OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) training across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

We can offer a wide range of BI training courses either at your office or at one of our training centres, enabling your project team and end users to gain the maximum benefit from your BI investment. Or alternatively, send individual members of staff on one of our public training courses, run on a regular basis at one of our  UK training centres, and get high quality training at a very competitive cost.

“We have been using Oracle E-Business for some years. During the initial project delivery, we carried out a major training program. However, key users have left, new employees have joined, and our knowledge of the system has suffered. How can we get more out of our users?”
In this situation, Inoapps would recommend that you consider our End-User Refresher Training courses.

“We have a large number of employees that we need to train on new Oracle technologies, some of whom are at remote locations. We can’t afford the time or expense to get people into a single location at the same time, and everyone has their day job to be getting on with. How can we train staff in the key skills that we need?”
Inoapps can deliver all of our training courses via Computer Based Training (CBT) – a flexible, cost-effective solution to this problem.

“Our technical team have a good understanding of a technology, but we feel that we could be doing more. How do we get our staff to become “experts”?”
An Inoapps Training Masterclass would be right for this scenario.

“We are confused – there are so many options available to us, how do we know what is best?”
Talk to us – we work with customers every week to develop tailored training programs that are just right for their unique needs. Let us work with you to develop a blended training solution to help your organisation through the credit crunch, and be fully prepared for the market to take off when the squeeze is over.

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