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The current financial climate means that every organisation needs to ensure they are carefully managing their budgets and that every item of expenditure delivers the maximum return on investment – training is no different.

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As organisations change, so do their training needs and the available training models. Inoapps offers a wide range of different training models and delivery methods, so how do you know which is right for your organisation?

Delivery Methods

Inoapps Onsite Training

For this delivery method, we will come to your offices with our high quality training equipment, and set up a training lab just for you.

You can send as many members of your team as we can fit into the room, and we will only charge you a single, fixed day rate. This will maximise your return on investment by spreading the knowledge across your team.

Additionally, we can tailor the course content to cover only the areas that you need, meaning that no time will be wasted on subject areas that are not relevant to you.

Dedicated Training Centres / Offsite Training

Inoapps has dedicated training centres in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London, where we can invite you along to deliver your required training.

Alternatively, we can make all the arrangements on your behalf with a hotel or meeting centre that is local to you in order to facilitate the training off site.

Oracle University

The Oracle University runs regular public scheduled courses throughout the year that will provide delegates with certified training in a range of Oracle skills. These courses offer a cost effective model to train individual staff in key skills, backed up with the high quality of a fully certified Oracle trainer. This service carries a 100% Student Satisfaction Guarantee.

Oracle University Certified training provides multiple certification paths to allow your staff to grow and develop their personal skills and gain industry recognition through the Oracle Certified Professional program. As an Oracle Certified Training reseller, Inoapps can help you to develop certification programs for your staff in line with your personal development plans.

Computer-Based Training

All of the Inoapps courses can be delivered via Computer Based Training (CBT), enabled through market-leading web conferencing tools. Training courses can be delivered as live sessions, or can be recorded and delivered as off-line content for employees to utilise when they have the time.

The tools that enable CBT have reached a level of maturity that makes this a feasible delivery model. Inoapps is pleased to be leading the way in the delivery of flexible and cost efficient E-Learning solutions in the Oracle marketplace.

Training Models

Inoapps Bootcamps

Inoapps bootcamp-style courses involve taking selected course content from across a range of our training courses, and developing a tailored course agenda that can be delivered on a one-to-one basis, or to a small group of individuals.

This ensures the most personalised and effective training program. Additionally, tailored content means that the training can be delivered in a shorter period, thereby reducing costs.

End-User Refresher Training

This type of training is vital to ensure that your skills stay fresh, and you continue to get the maximum value out of your Oracle system. Inoapps can offer end-user training courses in a range of core E-Business modules, and will work with you to match the course content with your use of the system. Alternatively, you can send individual staff onto our public training course for a cost effective way to refresh key skills.

Inoapps Training Masterclass

Our training masterclasses builds upon the core competencies that your staff already have. They focus on the advanced capabilities of the Oracle tools to make your applications achieve as much as they possibly can, thereby maximising your investment.

Based around an extensive list of advanced topics, our masterclass offerings are delivered by industry leading experts with many years experience in using these tools. These interactive sessions will explore the capabilities of your Oracle tools, and help you to consider how your organisation can increase the value that you are achieving from them.

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