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5 May 2016

5 May 16

Insight: Today’s customers are fickle; your business must change or fail!

As a modern business do you understand what your customers require in terms of sales and service excellence? If not, it is highly likely that your competitors do and they are intent on business disruption by creating customer churn for yourself. Indeed your competitors do not need to do much, as a bad customer experience with your business or brand can ripple through Social Media causing a wave of negative publicity and rapid erosion of customer loyalty.

Even before they consider buying from you they are very aware of the brand the offerings and the comparisons with your competitors. Which one of us today does not do some research before buying any big ticket purchase? Indeed the weekly shop is now a major battle ground for price, service and delivery.

Today’s businesses need to think and react like Uber unless they become last year’s Kodak!

The good news is that Inoapps and Oracle recognise the symptoms of bad Customer Experience and have the perfect remedy that enables businesses:

  • To deliver a single, integrated and highly personalized customer experience
  • To provide content that helps transforms how customers are educated and informed online
  • To manage Social Media that transforms how customers interact with brands across the social ecosphere
  • Help improve Marketing to transform how customers are discovered and nurtured
  • Avoid Customer silos and reduce costs
  • To sell more and create timely and cost effective Customer Service

Only Oracle offers a complete and integrated CX experience that breaks down silos to deliver a seamless customer experience across marketingsalescommerceservicesocial, and configure, price, and quote (CPQ).

Whether deployed modularly to tackle specific business challenges or deployed as a comprehensive solution, Oracle’s approach enables your company to embrace the modern customer. As a Platinum Partner and 2016 UKI Oracle Partner of the Year for Saas, Inoapps offers “multi-pillar” cloud solutions that underpin business excellence.

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