Software Asset Management

Let Inoapps Manage your Software before your Software Manages You.

Software is a key component underpinning practically every business operation in today’s working environment, but the management of this software can often be one of the least understood aspects of business. 

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Being able to understand your software estate gives you the opportunity to control costs and being able to proactively manage them gives the potential to actually reducing costs.

A recent Gartner report revealed that there is around a 65% chance that your company could be chosen by a software vendor to perform an audit this year.  What if that audit resulted in a non-compliance bill of over £200k- has your company budgeted for that type of expense in the next 30 days? Through proactive monitoring and management, Inoapps will help you minimise future TCO impact with an ongoing Software Asset Management Service.

Our wide ranging experience in this area positions us to provide world-class advice on current and future licence modes.  Managing these assets and their associated costs is critical; managing them proactively can lead to significant cost savings and cost avoidance.

From creating client licence baseline documents to validating licence figures, through to future licence optimisation Inoapps provides industry expertise and guidance to protect your ROI via our “Software Asset Management” Service. 

Inoapps will help you to understand your compliance position and assist you in getting real insight into your costs and any possible areas of exposure.  This should not be just a one-off exercise, through Inoapps “Software Asset Management” programme we can help you continually manage your software estate.

  • Regularly conduct a software review to gain a full understanding of what you own and how you are using it.
  • Monitor your external access, make sure you are appropriately licensing internal and external users for their access to your computing resources.
  • Ensure you licence each asset appropriately.  There is a range of different types of licences, we will ensure you licence in the best way possible.
  • Understand transferability rules of licences during mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.
  • Model new licence Software deployments for you to ensure you only purchase what you need

Software Asset Management is a best practice processes and procedures model for managing and optimising usage of software within an organisation. We work for you, not the software vendors, to ensure you are licenced in the most appropriate way.

Set a Baseline 

Initially we will perform a compliance review to create a baseline position.  This gives both parties an understanding of exactly what software is deployed across your organisation. It addresses the critical steps you need to take before engaging in any new agreement, licence true-up or renewal. The review is a comprehensive investigation of licence and usage conditions, including an assessment of current technology licence grants, contracts and support arrangements. It delivers a detailed report, highlighting areas of over or under-usage and analysis of contractual terms & conditions, as follows:

  • Licence grants and support agreements held
  • Business systems that run on Oracle software
  • Level of usage of Oracle software deployed
  • See which users are accessing what software applications
  • Level of compliance with current Oracle licences

Based on the results of our analysis, if need be we will help you purchase the licences you need.  We can also help you to consolidate the licences you have, make recommendations on unutilised assets and maintain control of these assets for you. 

Monitoring and Guidance

Here we will help you monitor your asset estate and provide advice on any planned changes. Through our constant monitoring we can gather information on new licence purchases and new infrastructure deployments so you’ll never purchase software that you don’t utilise again!  This comes in 2 key ways:

  • We will monitor usage information and provide an on-going licence compliance position.
  • Provides remediation options for your licence situation, balancing cost and risk
  • Allows you  to take business decisions which balance the costs against the risks
  • Constant monitoring of the Baseline
  • Ensure only properly licenced software exists on your network
  • Prevent unauthorized software installations
  • We will model new software or infrastructure deployments and provide advice & Guidance.
  • Provides the best licensing solutions for your proposed architectures
  • Prevents licence cost surprises
  • Ability to test “what-if?” situations to help you Control software deployment
  • Seamlessly integrate with, or improve, existing software procurement and deployment processes
  • Plan projects more accurately and keep your internal staff focused on business-critical activities

Inoapps, an accredited licence audit specialist by Oracle.  We can not only perform a software review using the same tools as an official audit but we can also help you manage your estate and give you proactive advice through our Software Asset Management Service.

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