Virtual desktops have been a major topic of conversation over recent years, with a focus on how they can assist organisations with management, costs savings and security.

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In the modern world, having a device that provides desktop virtualisation (replacing personal computers with virtual machines) will need to satisfy both consumer-owned and IT-supplied device requirements.  Users expect to be able to use their personal laptops or tablets, while IT departments are looking for compatibility with the existing corporate desktop device, and to deliver a highly secure, low maintenance and energy efficient service. 

Analysing the options available can involve multiple vendors to deliver each layer of the VDI infrastructure, adding complexity and cost for management.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure offers a complete solution for managing and providing access to virtualised desktop environments hosted in the data centre. Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure enables organisations to dramatically improve security, implement ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD), reduce operating costs, and increase the utilisation and lifespan of existing IT assets by moving from a traditional desktop environment to a virtual desktop architecture.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure supports a broad variety of client devices, virtual desktop operating systems, and virtualisation platforms to meet data security, user experience and TCO goals. Oracle offers the industry’s most comprehensive desktop-to-data centre virtualisation solutions portfolio that can manage your full hardware and software stack from application-to-disk.  Oracle’s virtual solution includes Sun Ray Clients, a virtual desktop broker and virtualisation platform, operating systems, servers, storage and applications.

Key Benefits

  • Highly secure remote access to virtual desktops
  • Flexibility to deploy Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris virtual desktops
  • Maximises IT infrastructure utilisation
  • Simplifies administration, lowers IT asset lifecycle costs
  • Easier for IT to manage, secure, and upgrade desktops
  • Higher availability, business continuity, and greater productivity for mobile workforce
  • Helps lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Reduces carbon footprint, power usage and e-waste

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Oracle Virtual Networking: Xsigo – The Solution to Network Headaches

Oracle’s acquisition of Xsigo provides customers with leading network virtualisation technology that simplifies Cloud infrastructure and operations, by allowing customers to dynamically and flexibly connect any server to any network and storage. The combination of Oracle’s software, server, storage and network product portfolio with Xsigo’s software-defined networking products is expected to deliver the most complete set of virtualisation capabilities for Cloud environments.

For many organisations, the network is the most challenging area of the IT infrastructure. Traditional data centre networks are rigid and hierarchical. Server, storage, and network connectivity is constrained by the network’s physical cabling and switch topology. The management of network resources often entails numerous, disparate, and incompatible tools, and as a result, data centre networks must frequently be re-wired and reconfigured to accommodate new applications or adapt to changing workload demands.

This rigidity in the network infrastructure has a tangible impact on organisational results, as business needs suffer and opportunities are lost due to inefficiency. The main areas of concern are;

Inflexibility: data centre complexity is limiting agility. Slow responses to changing business needs means that it takes too long to deploy or repurpose assets

High Costs: virtualisation and other I/O intensive applications are driving up the cost of servers and infrastructure

Performance Issues: unpredictable application performance caused by I/O bottlenecks. This is especially seen in virtual server deployments

Blade Limitations: organisations cannot deploy the needed I/O resources due to the limits of Blade connectivity

Oracle Virtual Networking

Utilising Xsigo, Oracle Virtual Networking streamlines server management and revolutionises data centre economics with an agile and highly efficient infrastructure built on your choice of hardware and software. The open architecture also enables you to dynamically connect servers, networks, and storage together to create a “converged infrastructure”. This produces a simpler, more efficient environment, resulting in organisations being able to:

  • Reduce network infrastructure complexity by over 70%
  • Reduce LAN and SAN infrastructure costs by over 50%
  • Lower power and cooling costs
  • Be more agile in meeting changing business needs
  • Provision of new services and reconfigure resources in minutes, not days

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