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Getting applications and services up and running, and keeping them that way in a rapidly changing business environment, can be a time consuming and challenging task.

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Many businesses attempt to create IT solutions utilising a combination of independently developed and separately acquired products, but these aggregated infrastructures frequently result in high cost deployments and complicated systems that fail to provide the desired results.

Moreover, the frequent need for upgrades and patches introduces additional risks into IT operations.

Oracle’s inclusive Red Stack strategy offers simplicity, with a complete hardware, storage and software stack that improves the ease and efficiency of deploying and managing enterprise solutions.

Further Oracle engineered systems are pre-integrated to reduce the cost and complexity of IT infrastructures while increasing productivity and performance.

Inoapps’ Hardware & Engineered Systems division makes us the only pure Red Stack partner that Oracle has in our market space, with the capability to provide the complete application-to-disk enterprise IT environment.

The benefits you can realise from having a single point of contact for your entire Oracle needs include:

  • Rapid deployment: the stack will seamlessly integrate with existing deployments

  • Enhanced performance: combining Oracle’s best of breed components, solutions will work faster and more optimally

  • Cost efficiency: consolidating your infrastructure will help to save on support and power costs

  • Increased security: receive a solid and secure infrastructure, and with just one vendor to talk to, so any issues can be dealt with efficiently, and with minimal fuss

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