Business Continuity

Let us keep you InControl: Inoapps has developed a range of services that will provide you with the confidence that your systems are in the best possible health. From a core menu, each service will be tailored to your unique environment and requirements and will deliver a set of recommendations and actions to ensure you optimise your Oracle investment.

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  • Is your business going through change?
  • Are you confident your DR is resilient?
  • When did you last have a system check-up?

We know that one of the most crucial concerns for your business is the ability to keep working in the event of a major issue with your production system.

The key to a successful disaster recovery plan is to have a mitigation strategy in place to protect your business against unforeseen circumstances.

Given ever-changing business objectives, one common need in any disaster recovery plan is confidence that you can recover capacity to your organisation as efficiently as possible.

As experts in this field, Inoapps will carry out a full health-check of your disaster recovery plan, as well as your hardware and readiness to execute.

We will perform a full check reviewing the Network, Datacentre, Environment, Hardware and all other aspects of your critical business IT systems and infrastructure.

At a high level, the audit will include a review of:

  • Physical Security Systems
  • Hardware models and capacity
  • Operating system patch levels and build

The output is a report that will provide you a list of recommendations to ensure that, when the time comes, your disaster recovery plan is everything you need it to be.


  • Is your data secure?
  • How long does it take to recover?
  • When did you last test your restore procedures?

Businesses are reliant and driven by the data that they hold and the need to be able to recover it if an issue arises.

Without the ability to restore data in a timely and accurate manner, business-as-usual operations become impaired.

To give you the peace of mind you need, Inoapps will carry out a full health-check of your backup processes to ensure that they are resilient and satisfy business needs.

We will advise on what data should be backed up, where it is backed up to, the methods used to back it up and, most importantly, how to restore it.

Inoapps will also ensure that any legal retention policies are met and that your data is ready when you need it.

Once we have confirmed:

  • That the data is correctly backed up
  • Its location and media are identified
  • The software toolset used
  • How and where the backup is restored to

We will deliver a full health-check document with recommendations and, where applicable, changes to restore the confidence you have in your backup policy.


  • Is your system constantly requiring attention?
  • Are problems solved before you are aware they existed?
  • Do you need to free up valuable resources to concentrate on development?

Inoapps has expertise in monitoring customer solutions and reporting on, and resolving, issues to deliver on-going benefits to your business.

Our extensive monitoring solutions are employed to check your system for all of the common issues such as:

  • System unreachable
  • Disks near capacity
  • Processes not running

In addition, we monitor the more bespoke aspects that are unique to your business. The Inoapps solution integrates all of this into a monitoring function.

Two core levels of monitoring can be tailored to your specific requirements:

  • Monitor Only – we monitor your system through an agreed path and pass alerts directly to you for action.
  • Proactive Monitoring – we manage and resolve all incidents to an agreed set of issues.

We deliver the reassurance you need, monitoring your systems any time of day while you concentrate on the business.


  • Is your E-Business Suite application delivering business advantage?
  • Could you be working smarter?
  • Are you maximising the ROI from your Oracle investment?

Our experienced team of Oracle Functional experts will come on site to conduct a fact-finding mission to ascertain how your E-Business Suite system is currently being used.

This will involve meeting with key system users, or process owners, to understand the high-level business procedures.

The goal is to examine where areas of the system can be better utilised to improve the solution and deliver business benefit.

We will review the current end-to-end configurations to ascertain if E-Business Suite can be better utilised to remove manual processes or streamline existing ones.

We will review segregation of duties, using our tried and tested methodologies, to ensure that you have access to best practice and adhere to any internal or external compliance standards.

We will also review the security set-up and make recommendations against existing user responsibilities and configuration.

Consolidating these elements, we will deliver a report highlighting our recommendations to optimise your E-Business Suite solution.

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