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Oracle Accelerate is Oracle’s approach for providing enterprise-class business software solutions to midsize organisations, giving them the opportunity to gain the advantage of Oracle’s proven experience, at a reduced cost.

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Oracle provides its partners with Oracle Business Accelerators – rapid implementation templates and process flows in pre-packed application bundles. These enable customers to realise rapid benefit from the Oracle suite of applications.

Oracle Accelerate is a flexible and affordable IT solution that is easy to implement and maintain, while still providing the security and powerful functionality of enterprise-class solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Why Oracle Accelerate?

Based on leading industry- and geography-specific business best practices, Oracle’s Accelerate solution:

  • Enables rapid adoption with standardised business processes
  • Provides best-in-breed software rapidly and efficiently
  • Is unbeatable for scalability for future growth
  • Offers rapid time to value, at a low cost
  • Creates minimal business disruption
  • Delivers industry-leading business practices via business flows
  • Is low risk – designed, built and tested by Oracle

“At Inoapps we believe the Accelerate programme provides the ideal vehicle for delivering expertise and innovation to our customers, with unparalleled return on investment.” – Andy Bird, CEO, Inoapps

Business Accelerators for Oracle E-Business Suite
Oracle Business Accelerators for E-Business Suite (EBS) are powerful and easy to use rapid implementation solutions for new E-Business Suite customers. These make the initial configuration of the solution simple, fast and predictable.

What Business Accelerators offer you:

  • Rapid implementation tools for E-Business Suite
  • Rapidly configured baseline to begin testing
  • Innovative wizard tool for fast data entry
  • Automatically population of customer data
  • Basic and advanced options for simple or more complex businesses
  • Oracle-hosted project workspace for gathering customer data
  • Training and production instances
  • Personalised and configured system – not a template!
  • Extensive supporting collateral

Oracle Business Accelerators help you:

  • Decrease the cost, risk and time of an implementation
  • Improve your Return on Investment
  • Predictable, high quality and reliable results
  • Built-in integration and best practices within standardised business processes

Why Inoapps for Oracle Accelerate?

Working with Inoapps you will be guided through the wizard-based tool kit answering questions relevant to your business, which in turn shapes the core elements of the solution.

Focusing on the industry business flow, with these key foundations and a working system in place, time can be dedicated to answering questions such as:

  • What makes your business different?
  • What is your value-add?
  • Can it be streamlined?
  • How can we adopt best business practice?

The result of this is a solution that enhances your competitive advantage.

Inoapps was an early adopter of the Accelerate programme and has extensive experience in implementing Oracle E-Business Suite, using Business Accelerators, into many organisations.

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