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13 November 2015

13 Nov 15

Oracle Data Visualisation Cloud Service – the difference between information and insight

Oracle Cloud Specialist Inoapps

Ed Jeavons, VP EPM & BI Applications

It is a common and growing trend within enterprises that collecting data is a good thing. There is however, a crucial distinction between information and insight and over the years we’ve seen organisations use various methods to bleed this insight from a behemoth of collected data.

In terms of insightful visualisation, traditionally, there were two main camps – enterprise BI tools or the graphical capabilities of Excel. Each of these methods had its pros and cons, whether it be the difficulty of getting data past IT and into the enterprise model, or the non centralised re-tabling of data to fit Excel graphs.

The introduction of Cloud based Business Intelligence tools have challenged this status quo. Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) is one such solution that includes the powerful Visual Analyzer (VA) module. BICS gives customers an Oracle “Database as a service” (DBAAS) for use with powerful dashboard analytics available on mobile and desktop devices. This addresses many of the classic “enterprise BI” problems. However, the coupling of the two tools meant that the ad-hoc Visualisation elements of the tool were potentially out of reach for businesses that weren’t in the market for a new “Dashboard/BI tool” – but not anymore!

Oracle’s Data Visualisation Cloud Service (DVCS) allows users to utilise the powerful self-service ad hoc data visualisations in isolation as a standalone Cloud offering. For as little as £75 per user per month and with a minimum user count of just 5, DVCS is well within reach of individual line managers and divisions.

The ability to upload user spreadsheets, link datasets and model ‘on the go’ with tablets brings an ability to interrogate and derive meaning from data in a way that’s never been easier to an end user. Within a very short amount of time users can create and analyse their own spreadsheets in a tool that’s easy to master, highly visual and which encourages ownership of information amongst business users. There’s next to no implementation effort required whatsoever and no hidden costs – you only pay the single fee.

Ease of use and accessibility is at the core of DVCS: Data is loaded via a wizard where users are able to specify which columns in their spreadsheet are relevant and which need additions, or where averages need to be recorded for example. At this point columns are simply identified as measures or attributes. From here, users are able to select any of these identified measures and attributes and “visualise” them, either by specifying a chart type, or by letting DVCS suggest the view that best suits their data. Users are able to create multiple visualisations and arrange them via drag and drop as well as attaching filters from their data (e.g restrict to “EMEA customers”). Once happy with their creation users save for to update later with refreshed spreadsheets, or for sharing with others.

DVCS represents a new landmark in Oracle’s business analytics landscape – with next to no barriers to adoption and clear business benefits it’s never been easier to get to the insight and not just information from your data!

Don’t believe me? Test Visual Analyser yourself and see. Get in touch and we’ll arrange a session to show you the insights in your own data that you could be missing out on.

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