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27 July 2015

27 Jul 15

How Inoapps uses APEX to extend the reach of customers’ Oracle Applications

Derek Renny, Senior Developer

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Over the last few years the Inoapps APEX team have designed, developed and delivered a host of successful web-based applications using Oracle Application Express (APEX). These have been delivered within strict budgetary and time constraints and have garnered positive praise from customers.

In this article we give a few examples of the APEX applications that the Inoapps APEX team have delivered.

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Case Study: InSite Plant Hire Module

Requirement: A construction company required a system to track and process their construction equipment. The main requirement was to deliver a module, seamlessly integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite, that allows the processing of Purchase Orders for plant equipment (e.g. construction materials, mechanical equipment, plant vehicles, etc).

Solution: Inoapps delivered a custom application developed using APEX that retrieves Purchase Orders and allows them to be satisfied by assigning E-Business Suite inventory items. The module allows the usage (dates and times of hire) to be logged and then calculates the relevant costs. These costs are posted back to the E-Business Suite financial and accounting modules. The Plant Hire module has been adapted and customised to meet the specific requirements for a number of construction companies.

Benefits: The system optimises the use of plant at all times, ensuring the right equipment is used for the right job at the right time, saving both time and money. It allows item tracking, cost management, timely invoice payments and comprehensive usage and financial reporting.

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Case Study: HR Rostering System 

Requirement: An oil and gas services company required a system for managing vessels and crew for their global operations. The system had to integrate with existing E-Business Suite data and provide a way to maintain schedules of what each vessel was working on for the coming months, as well as deal with the associated, often complex, crew requirements. An interface was required to allow available crew to be assigned to vessels to meet the crew requirements and the system should then write timecards back to E-Business Suite to facilitate payroll processing.

Solution: Inoapps designed and built a web-based application in APEX integrated with the customer’s existing single sign on system (Oracle Access Manager) and with E-Business Suite. A series of administration pages were developed to allow the vessel schedules and crew requirements to be quickly and easily entered and maintained. The system included an intuitive, graphical interface that allowed the crew management team to easily establish the crew requirements for any vessel and date period and assign crew that fit the required compliance and availability criteria. Timecards are created via a daily job and pushed to E-Business Suite to generate accounting and payroll data.

Benefits: The system has led to significant efficiency improvements in the core business operations of the customer by reducing effort spent managing vessels, crew, timewriting and payroll. The security model employed has enabled sensitive company data to be processed while ensuring that authorisation and access protocols meet existing corporate guidelines. The system was delivered within strict budgetary and time constraints and has provided employees with a real-time single source of data, flexible administration tools, and a suite of customisable reports.

Feedback:“It’s become an invaluable tool for the business, we now have the ability to efficiently forward plan and schedule the resourcing of the entire fleet in order to meet vessel and equipment utilisation” Michael O’Holloran (Planner)

Case Study: Business Intelligence Portal

Requirement: An oil and gas company had recently witnessed rapid growth through acquisitions and the senior management team wanted an instant view of company Key Performance Indicators in order to improve strategic decision making. Information also needed to be available to other company staff to ensure better communication and visibility of company performance. The main requirement was to provide visualisations of performance data from the hydrocarbon accountants and production system data so that the performance of reservoirs and installations could be monitored.

Solution: Data from various source systems was extracted and gathered in to a single Oracle database. An APEX application was developed with a series of sophisticated charts. Each chart can be customised to the needs of the user with various intuitive data filters. Different charts, graphs and views of the data were made available to different staff based on their role. Over 180 individual graphs, charts and data extract routines were delivered within tight timescales.

Benefits: All staff were now working from a common set of data and assumptions, improving corporate understanding throughout the company. There was a significant reduction in the amount of time staff spent “data handling”, allowing people to focus on their core job role. The data was presented in a clear, consistent and repeatable format that users were comfortable with. The system was developed in a way that required very low levels of ongoing future maintenance. A full BI platform was delivered within strict time, quality and cost restrictions.

Case Study: Forms Migration

Requirement: A global manufacturer of petrochemical and oil products had an existing data capture and management information system written in Oracle Forms and Reports. The requirement was to overcome various issues with the legacy system, mainly by providing a modern front end and allowing system updates to be done quickly in order to meet rapidly changing business requirements.

Solution: A robust and future proof system was rapidly developed in APEX that addressed the issues with the legacy system. The new system very quickly provided an intuitive and user friendly front end with flexible searching capabilities that allows users to easily find the data they need. The business rules and validations of the legacy forms and reports system were re-used in order to preserve the existing investment made by the company.

Benefits: The new system replaced the legacy system with a modern front end and greatly reduced the training time required for new staff to get up to speed. Future changes can now be done quickly and at a significantly reduced cost.

Case Study: Customer Billing System

Requirement: An energy supplier required an E-Business Suite implementation and a bespoke customer billing system to move away from their outdated legacy green screen system. The new system needed to allow for the capture and maintenance of metering and energy usage data, produce customer bills and integrate with various systems to ensure bill production and payment processing.

Solution: Inoapps delivered a full E-Business Suite implementation combined with an APEX system, a custom mobile meter reading application and web services to allow customer data and energy usage to be captured and maintained. Energy charges and payment information is integrated with BI Publisher and a third party printing service to allow professional quality bills to be produced.

Benefits: The solution has delivered significant benefits for the customer, allowing them to decommission their legacy green screen system and provide staff with a modern, efficient and easy to use web application. The customer bills have been revamped and the print runs automated, improving the customer experience and saving significant time and costs for the organisation.

If you think APEX could benefit your organisation, get in touch and talk to one of our APEX experts.

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