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16 June 2015

16 Jun 15

How to get better analytics now

Ed Jeavons, VP EPM/BI Applications
Ed Jeavon Inoapps
How would you like to have a wealth of accurate data readily available for your organisation to gain insight from? Now, I’m not much of a betting man, but I’ll wager you would say ‘a lot’.

Still not being much of a betting man I’ll also wager that unless you’ve recently invested in Cloud technology, you currently find getting data of any sort, a painstaking and manual process, prone to errors.

Well, you’re not alone.

Traditionally, platforms which allow for insightful analytics have been unworkable over time, with the cost of hardware and IT spend becoming onerous, whilst solutions quickly become cumbersome and unfit for the ever-changing demands of an organisation – there has effectively been an absence of an affordable, performant and truly insightful solution.

Panacea Solution

But did you know that your organisation can get deeper and more responsive insights from your available data, with ease of functionality, maintenance and crucially, low cost with a top tier panacea Business Intelligence (BI) solution such as Oracle’s Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS)?

What a top tier solution offers you as standard, is detailed reporting and dashboards, alongside ‘drag-and-drop’ capabilities, meaning all users can easily create reports themselves. For example, BICS allows for the in-depth presentation of data and quick modelling via its “Visual Analyzer” function. This gives users access to all phases of the analytics lifecycle and helps generate reports, providing visual recommendations on how best to present the data. The system is also intuitive, fast and easy to access across all desktop and mobile devices.

In order to make self-service analysis easy to understand, the system ‘hides’ the complexities of the sophisticated underlying data model and presents users with an easy to use, very visual interpretation of their data. Simplicity is key for both adoption and as an enabler for a lightweight self-delivered phase by phase approach. Not only does straightforward ‘self-service’ greatly enhance the crucial ‘buy in’ factor in an organisation, but it removes the reliance on ‘subject matter experts’, external consultants or IT to carry out these tasks. This is a key factor for the longevity and commercial success of any system purchase.

Oracle’s BICS delivers all the above on Oracle’s leading Cloud platform: an enterprise quality tool for the low subscription cost of a Cloud service. The modelling capabilities on the Database as a Service (DBAAS) give users in-built and robust ETL (Extract Transform Load). This means that data can be handled via either an on-premises ERP solution, or Cloud. BICS is also a very flexible tool when it comes to licences. Because Oracle handles the hardware, they can easily add to it as your business scales up or down – peace of mind for anyone who has responsibility for licence management in your organisation.

But what of moving to the Cloud? Have you decided if it’s the right choice for your organisation?

One things that puts some organisations off moving to Cloud is the thought of having to transition the entire enterprise at the same time. But this is does not have to be the case. Organisations can choose how much or how little of their solutions they bring onto the Cloud and when. A blended deployment of both on Cloud and on premise technologies is also possible, making the most of existing IT investments and integration. This approach can be useful for a number of reasons, including to be able to quickly or to supplement systems that are currently not available outside of an on premise option. This flexibility means organisation can make decisions with the needs of the organisation in mind, rather than being led by the constraints of the technology.

With the amount of choice involved in Cloud deployments, it’s not surprising that they have now reached maturity, with recent Oracle and IDG Connect research indicating that 60% of enterprises reported “intermediate or mature” levels of adoption. With widespread capability to locally host data in accredited and secure regional Cloud data centres, the adoption rate of Cloud technologies is growing exponentially. The benefits are numerous, giving those operating an organisation full visibility of upcoming overheads with freedom from costly infrastructure upgrades and servicing. A constantly updating analytical platform allows quick user adoption, confidence in the availability and best practice security and compliance for your organisations’ data. You can read more about moving to the Cloud in my colleague Phil Wilson’s article ‘Why Cloud Deployment Makes Sense.’

If you’d like to understand more about what Cloud could do for your organisation or would like to see Oracle’s BICS solution in action, join our EPM and BI webinar series throughout July and August 2015. Or please feel free to get in touch with me direct.

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