Oracle Application Express

Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) is Oracle’s best kept secret. It is a fully supported, rapid web application development tool for the Oracle database. By using only a modern web browser and limited programming experience you can develop data-centric applications in minutes.  And what‘s even better is that it can be deployed into your organisation at no additional cost.

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Whether it’s a single user application, intended to replace an Excel spreadsheet or Access database, a departmental solution to meet a specific need, or an enterprise application to deliver a key business process, Oracle APEX offers the most flexible and timely development platform in the marketplace today.

Oracle Application Express 5.0 – The latest Release
Released in April 2015, APEX 5.0 is the most significant upgrade in the 10 year history of APEX. It introduces a powerful development environment capable of rapidly and efficiently building state-of-the-art, sophisticated web applications. In addition to a host of functional and performance improvements, the release expands on the mobile application capabilities of version 4.2, allowing users to perform critical tasks and decision making in real time, no matter where they are located. APEX 5.0 provides the ability to quickly produce intuitive, responsive web applications that the users of today demand.

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Oracle APEX training
Inoapps is an experienced training organisation that specialise in Oracle related training, ranging from classroom training through to computer based training (CBT).

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Oracle APEX Benefits:

  • Fast: for building either internet or intranet applications using only a web browser

  • Scalable: to support growing data and user access  

  • Secure: includes in-built access management and data protection

Oracle Apex Applications


How Does Oracle APEX Work?
Oracle APEX is delivered as part of the core Oracle database stack, and doesn’t require any additional development or application server platforms. This means the tool has an exceptionally small footprint, low cost of ownership and minimal infrastructure requirements. The included Oracle web server delivers web based applications with zero desktop footprint – all you need is a desktop browser, mobile device or thin client – plus you get all the benefits you would expect from the world’s leading database platform.

Oracle APEX renders applications in real time from data stored in database tables. When creating or extending an application, Oracle APEX creates or modifies metadata and when the application runs, it displays or processes the page submission based on this metadata. This means that multiple developers can edit the same page and changes can be seen immediately when running the application – no compilation or deployment is necessary.

Is Oracle APEX Really Free?
If your organisation already owns Oracle database licenses, then APEX can be deployed at no additional cost under these licenses. If your organisation does not own Oracle licenses, or you wish to deploy APEX for personal use, then the Oracle Database Personal edition, which includes APEX, is available free of charge.

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 Watch our webinar on how Oracle APEX can extend the life of legacy systems built using Oracle Forms.

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