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7 August 2015

7 Aug 15

HR Rostering Case Study – cost savings and efficiencies for global oil & gas company

Drew Edgar, Technical Team Lead

Drew Edgar

Inoapps have developed a web-based HR Rostering system using Oracle Application Express (APEX), integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Access Manager, that delivers great cost-savings and efficiencies for a global oil and gas services company.

The Client

A world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry, specialising in subsea oil and gas projects and large, complex Offshore and Onshore infrastructures.

The company offers world leading solutions and innovative technologies that meet the challenges of today’s global energy market. They employ over 40,000 staff across 48 countries and manage a fleet of vessels around the world.

HR Rostering System

  • The HR Rostering System is a web-based application, developed using Oracle APEX, that allows the client to manage their fleet of vessels by maintaining data about the projects and activities that each vessel is working on around the world.
  • The system offers the ability to enter and track work schedules for each vessel for current and future projects allowing forward planning of all tasks.
  • The system is accessed seamlessly through single sign on, implemented by integrating the client’s existing Oracle Access Manager (OAM) system with APEX.
  • For each vessel work schedule within the system, the required job roles and head counts for the coming months are entered and maintained.
  • Crew members can then be assigned to the relevant work schedule for each vessel using an intuitive, graphical interface that allows users to easily establish the crew requirements for any date period.
  • The system establishes what crew can be assigned by referencing a series of business rules that considers various complex compliance and availability criteria.
  • The main output from the system is timecards created via a daily job. These timecards reflect the assignments created for each crew member against each vessel work schedule.
  • The timecards are pushed to the client’s Oracle E-Business Suite system where they generate accounting and payroll data, ultimately leading to staff getting paid for the assignment entered in the system and the relevant project or cost centre being charged for their assigned staff.
  • A comprehensive set of fully customisable real-time reports provide complete visibility of all aspects of the system providing powerful management information.
  • Authentication schemes, created in system, using built-in APEX functionality, ensure that users can only access functionality relevant to their job role.

Viewing Crew Assignments for a Vessel

Technical Solution

  • Hosted on an Oracle 11g Database with Oracle Application Express (APEX) Version 4.2 and a web server running Oracle Rest Data Services.
  • Single sign on implemented via a built-in APEX authentication scheme integrated with OAM.
  • The solution integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) via a set of custom database views.
  • HR Rostering System’s APEX application comprised of web pages and database packages with interfaces written to manage the passing of data between APEX and EBS.


  • Improved efficiency in the client’s core business operations by reducing the effort spent managing vessels and crew.
  • Time and cost savings in managing key timewriting and payroll functions.
  • Enabled online processing of sensitive company data while ensuring that authorisation and access protocols meet existing corporate guidelines.
  • Provided employees with access to a real-time single source of data, intuitive, flexible tools to administer the data and a suite of customisable reports providing powerful business intelligence capabilities.
  • The system was delivered within strict budgetary and time constraints and to a quality that garnered significant positive praise from the client.

Viewing and Editing Time Cards


The system is in the early stages of its development but the potential is there for all to see. This is the first time that we have designed a system which is focusing on personnel, be it scheduling, compliance and forecasting, we have more user-friendly tools at our disposal than we have ever had before”.
Jack Waterston (DSV Team Lead)

It’s become an invaluable tool for the business, we now have the ability to efficiently forward plan and schedule the resourcing of the entire fleet in order to meet vessel and equipment utilisation”.
Michael O’Holloran (Planner)

We now have 1 tool replacing the 3 we used to have, I can now schedule, compliance check and payroll my crew in a fully systematic and integrated way
Ian Anderson (Vessel Co-ordinator)

This system has exceeded expectation, the development for the future seems endless and the support we have been provided from the Apex team has made this integration the success that it is
Nicola Simpson (HR Advisor)

APEX development team ‘got it’ from the first development meeting and really understood our requirements. The system provides us with the tool to ensure accuracy, efficiency and compliance in accordance with our process driven approach to crewing our vessels and continue to exceed business expectations
Derek Coulter (Support Services Manager)

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