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13 October 2015

13 Oct 15

Changes ahead with Oracle Standard Edition 2 – don’t get left behind!

Andrew Norris Oracle Applications Specialist Inoapps
Andrew Norris, VP Engineered Systems

As widely anticipated, Oracle have announced the release of Database Standard Edition 2 (SE2).  This version of the Database is available now and from November 2015 this will fully replace Standard Edition (SE) and Standard Edition 1 (SE1).

As you would expect, these changes could have huge repercussions on licencing and costs for anyone that currently runs a Standard Edition database.   But there are also opportunities too…!

Existing users can continue to use their SE and SE1 environments as long as they satisfy the new restrictions for a SE2 database. Those users wanting to go beyond release will have to migrate their licences to SE2 to take advantage of the new database upgrade. Although the price of SE2 is the same as SE, the minimum number of named users for SE2 is now 10 per server, so companies will need to carefully plan their environments to keep themselves compliant.

SE2 will also run on systems of up to 2 sockets, rather than 4 as was the case with SE. Any organisation that requires more than 2 sockets will need to migrate to Enterprise Edition instead – potentially with considerable cost implications.

The Headline changes

  • SE2 will replace SE and SE1 from version (patch (available until August 2016) was the last SE and SE1 release)
  • Release and beyond will only be available to SE2 and Enterprise Edition users
  • SE1 and SE will no longer be available from early November 2015
  • SE2 is only available for a maximum of 2 sockets (even if they are unused) either on a standalone server or in a RAC Cluster (with a total of 16 CPU threads)
  • There is now a 10 NUPS per server minimum (originally 5 for SE & SE1)
  • Oracle is offering a FREE licence migration from SE and SE1 to SE2 (plus a 20% increase in support for SE1 users only)

Read Oracle’s Detailed Announcement on SE2

So, what should you do now?

You need to know whether your organisation has to migrate to SE2 or Enterprise Edition Database and the implications in terms of licencing and expenditure. To do this you need to fully understand your usage and current licence situation. Contact Inoapps today to discuss the options available for you and how we can help.

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