Enterprise Change Management

One of the most common reasons for IT projects not living up to expectations is poor change management.

Whilst Gartner predicts that by 2020, 75% of businesses will transfer to digital, or will at least be preparing for the change*, it also predicts that only 30% of those attempts will be successful**.

This is where Inoapps’ dedicated Enterprise Change team comes into its own.

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Is your business good at change?

For many organisations, the transition to a Cloud-first policy can be a daunting process.

When starting your Cloud journey, not only do you need to navigate the range of ‘as a service’ solutions available, ensuring that services align to applicable security standards, you also need to think about the process of embedding the ‘as a service’ model into your organisation’s culture.

One of the key principles behind ‘as a service’ is that much of service you consume will be commoditised, taking the best practice and repeatable procedures and incorporating these components as key features/business solutions. This means that the Cloud and ‘as a service’ models will bring a paradigm shift to the traditional project management and business transformation methodologies.

The key focus is no longer on designing a custom solution to meet your specific organisation’s needs, it’s about aligning your service model to tried and tested industry standard best practice and bringing your organisation with you on the change journey. We will show you how to leverage the opportunities that the cloud brings such as mobile applications to make your organisations decision makers, budget holders, line managers and service delivery experts more effective and better equipped to assist their service users.

Our Enterprise Change Team offers a range of project delivery and business transformations services designed to optimise your Cloud journey, reducing ROI timescales and maximising outcomes. You will be working with a team of experts who have transitioned many organisations to the Cloud, ensuring the right level of project delivery focus from our project leaders and evangelising key stakeholders with effective and influential change agents.

Using a tailored mix of our services to suit your change project, we help you accelerate and embed change, driving your organisation forward to achieve its future goals.

Our team of business change agents are skilled in the following areas of change management:

Business Case and Benefits Realisation

  1. Cloud Strategy and Business Case Development.
  2. Cloud benefits modelling, outcome assessments and benefits realisation services.

Business Augmentation for the Cloud

  1. Cloud business process augmentation and policy alignment.
  2. Cloud Target Operating Model Design

 Cloud Assurance and Assessments

  1. Cloud Readiness Assessment services.
  2. Cloud security an architecture services aligned to Public Sector protocols.
  3. Checkpoint reviews and operational readiness assessment services.   

Stakeholder Engagement and Business Change

  1. Packaged training services including training needs analysis and training plans.
  2. Cloud Stakeholder Engagement Services incorporating stakeholder mapping and engagement strategies.

Cloud Transition Services

  1. Packaged Project Management Services
  2. Packaged test management solutions including test strategy and test scripts.
  3. Packaged data management services including data strategies and ETL services.
  4. SaaS alignment, functional configuration and integration services.

Our services are aligned to the achieving maximum success from the Oracle Cloud. Our teams are designed to ensure that we deliver our services to the highest possible standard, we ensure that we combine knowledge and experience of the Cloud services with relevant subject matter expertise and sector specialist knowledge – in our experience, both are needed to secure impactful and meaningful business change.

When it comes to delivering corporate transformation, we are well versed in implementing business change initiatives across Finance, HR, Payroll in both the Public Sector and the private sector – particularly in service based organisations with a project focus.

*   http://www.forbes.com/sites/gartnergroup/2014/08/26/where-are-you-on-the-digital-business-development-path/#1c32931169b6
** http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2968317

We offer a range of flexible services models including commodity based work packages and outcome focused services which can be procured on either a CAPEX module or on a subscription basis.

Our approach is grounded in the following principles:

  • Nurture: Our approach to change management focuses on your people, who are the most important part of your organisation and making change stick. We build motivation for the change by encouraging two-way dialogue with employees.
  • Invigorate: We enable you to create a clear and compelling vision for the future. We support you to ensure that leaders are aligned with and committed to this vision and ready to enroll the entire organisation and work with you to develop credible solutions that “create pull” for the change.
  • Inspire: Develop leadership talent and ensure that leaders work effectively together. We support you to build a healthy Sponsorship Spine: identifying and implementing processes to activate key influencers and cascade commitment for your enterprise change project along the spine to the front line.
  • Deliver: Together, we develop a realistic transformation plan informed by your organisation’s capacity to implement and absorb change. We support you to deliver a set of tangible benefits from your Cloud projects and programmes. This covers performance, people and financial benefits, including quantifiable and soft benefits.
  • Sustain: Adapt systems and processes to support the change. Establish continuous feedback mechanisms to enable solutions to evolve as needed to ensure enduring results.


  • Reduce Risk and Cost of Change
    Minimise change-related incidents and problems, the associated costs, and other adverse effects on the organisation.
  • Provide Better Stakeholder Visibility
    Offer increased visibility into future changes, their potential impact, and the overall change schedule.
  • Deliver Change Management Efficiency
    Ensure you deliver the intended benefits of your digital transformation programme and that these filter down through the entire organisation.
  • Capitalise on our learning
    We draw from our experience and best practice from hundreds of implementations in a variety of industry sectors to ensure your change project is a success.

Why Inoapps?

  • The Inoapps Enterprise Change Practice has 15 + years’ experience in developing and implementing Change Management support for transformational IT programmes in both the public and private sector.
  • We are an independent consultancy, which means we can flexible in our approach to delivering support for your journey to the Cloud
  • Experience of managing change across large scale multi-country, multi-function Cloud implementations
  • An early Cloud adopter, we implemented Oracle Cloud ourselves in 2013 and have successfully managed our own transformational journey. We already know where the pitfalls lie and how to avoid them
  • Sector specialists – we have wide range of customers across many different industry verticals

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