Posted by By Harriet Lewis

20 October 2015

20 Oct 15

How can high street retailers keep up?

Inoapps examines how traditional retailers can compete with their online competition by reducing IT costs & improving business agility by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of high-availability database workloads.

Retail has gone through huge structural changes over the last few years with digital, e-commerce and technology at the heart of this transformation. Technology is making it possible for consumers to buy anything, anywhere at anytime and the modern, connected customer now expects this as a minimum.

The pureplay online retailers are at an advantage here. They aren’t loaded with the punishing fixed costs of maintaining distributed store networks, complex supply chains and the huge volumes of employees required to staff them. For the high street brands committing to a digital, omni-channel strategy, it therefore becomes even more essential to drive cost savings and efficiencies at every turn.

Deploying enterprise class IT systems in this distributed environment is difficult and expensive, particularly when you may need to manage and maintain various databases for EPOS, Store, HR, Warehousing and Logistics at multiple locations, outside of the main datacenter.

But, that doesn’t mean its ‘game over’ -the new Oracle Database Appliance X5-2 changes all that!

The Oracle Database appliance is a complete database consolidation solution comprising database and systems software, server, storage, and networking. It’s all engineered to work together, in a single package that is simple to install and manage. Imagine being able to provision and deploy a full enterprise application stack – together with its hardware – in hours instead of weeks. With the ODA X5-2, you can! And Oracle’s unique pay-as-you-grow licensing lets you align your database costs to your real business needs today.

If you’ve been thinking about how a consolidated, high-availability database system would help you save money while reducing downtime, the ODA X5-2 is designed for you. You know that the cost and complexity of sourcing components, integrating, testing and deploying an in-house solution across multiple sites can be prohibitive. The ODA X5-2 eliminates this problem completely, as it contains all you need to have your high-availability system up and running in next to no time.

As a complete, open solution, the ODA X5-2 is also optimized for heterogeneous environments. It includes the Oracle virtualization platform, enabling you to run Oracle databases and middleware, along with Oracle and non-Oracle applications – all on the same appliance.

With one-button maintenance, you’ll need far fewer resources to manage it – one DBA is usually sufficient, compared to seven people for a build-it-yourself system – and save money on floor space and power consumption too. It’s also ideal for you if you’re looking to reduce operating costs in your datacenter – whether you’re a midsized retailer with scarce IT resources or a larger retailer that needs to deploy a database solution quickly in a branch location or store. Complete, simple, reliable and affordable – that’s the Oracle Database Appliance X5-2.

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